It has been said that if you really want to capture someone's attention, you should not raise your voice but rather whisper. The logic behind this philosophy is that, then, people will have to tune in to what you are saying. But today, Aquarius, you might need to shout. Someone is not paying attention to an important message you need to share, and whispering hasn't gotten you anywhere. Don't be afraid to raise your voice a bit today and command attention.


Your communication skills are sharp today, Pisces, and your way with words is at its peak. This combination is perfect for reaching out to someone today who is difficult to talk to with a message that is difficult to deliver but one that must be shared. There is no guarantee of success if you choose to reveal your message today, but there couldn't be a better time to try. And if you do try - whether it works or not - you will have the comfort of knowing that you tried and the freeing feeling of having put this burden behind you


Let’s start with the best news: in 2022, you are no longer going to be suffering under the frankly unreasonable pressure you have borne for the past few years. You have been through the mill, perhaps especially at work, but really in all parts of your life. And now? That pressure is off. Make 2022 a great year by seeking out people you love and enjoying their company. Make time for your friends. Your social circle can really widen this year. It really is a year to breathe out.


It is important to remember today that you are not in competition with someone else to obtain something you want. There is no other person standing in your way, even though it may seem that way. The only competition you have, Taurus, is with yourself. If you allow yourself to shine, and you work at showing off your natural talents, you will stand out. Don't be shy about sharing what's special about you. That's really all you need to do to manifest what you want.


A pat on the back for a job well done, or for support and understanding, can go a long way in someone's life. When a person is feeling alone, even that small bit of recognition can show care and love, and can make someone feel like they belong. You may be in need of a pat on the back now, dear Gemini, but it may be that no one has noticed or understands. That's okay. Give yourself a pat on the back anyway. And take some time today to recognize yourself for recent achievements and kindnesses. You are now supported by the universe.


You may be so mired in the middle of a problem or a mindset that you can't see a way out. And because you are constantly surrounded by it in your thoughts, you can't even imagine being free of it. You have to try to see yourself rise above it, dear Moonchild. Close your eyes and literally imagine yourself floating up and away from the situation and from the way it makes you feel. Once you feel just a bit freer and less burdened, you will begin to see the reality - that you have nothing to feel bad or guilty about, and that everything really is going to be okay!


When someone says they "won the battle but lost the war," it's a pretty sad thing. It means they tried their hardest, fought to the end, and still lost - despite initial signs of success. This can refer, of course, to any challenge one faces in life. But don't forget, Leo, that it can also work in reverse. You may have lost a recent battle, but that absolutely does not mean that you will lose the "war." In fact, it looks like the chances are stacking up in your favor. It is likely that you will emerge as a winner!


If you were to order a part for a car you are working on, and the wrong part arrives, you could push and push and try to make that part fit, but it won't. And even if you could somehow make it fit, most likely it wouldn't work the way the original part was designed to. You may be trying to make something work now that isn't working, and that must be frustrating. The piece that's missing in this isn't going to suddenly transform into what you need. Face it, Virgo, you may have to start over. But in doing so, you will wind up with exactly what you need - and that will offer you a wonderful fresh start.


You have gifts that you are underutilizing, or perhaps not using at all. You may be focused now on your purpose in life and on what makes you special - because you are special, Libra. You are encouraged to dig deep into interests you have or passions you feel, because these things could be the source of hidden talents that you either don't recognize or that you downplay. When you figure out what drives you and what you are drawn to, it can help you to hone your purpose, or purposes in life.


You may be so caught up in a difficult decision that it is making you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted. Even though you may have been imploring the universe for guidance for quite a while, you have received no answer as of yet. But could that lack of an answer actually be your answer, dear Scorpio? Could it be that you have the answer but don't think it's the right one? Take some time to live with the idea of what you already know and see how it feels when you envision it as your reality for a little while.


Information is now available to you or will become available to you very soon. This information could propel you forward in one of your quests. But you may already be enjoying so much success on another level or in another area of your life that you have barely noticed. Come back down to earth, Sagittarius. Look around. Something you need is there for the taking. If you don't grab it, it might dissipate. But if you do, you can hit the ground running with your next big goal.


You may start the day with an open schedule and no problems. That probably feels great. And yet, someone may come to you with a problem of their own that they want you to solve. But rather than seeing this as bad luck, Capricorn, try to see it as an opportunity. Helping to solve someone's problem today could enlighten you to something that you need to know, and that might not have happened otherwise. Even challenges can be big opportunities, so keep that in mind.