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Susie vo
December 26, 2022

Truly impressive! first card reading and I still cannot believe how spot on my reading was in relation to my life right now. I 100% recommend I had an angel reading done by Athena I entered the session mildly apprehensive , but also very hopeful. I was able to ask the questions that had been weighing on my mind, and curiosity demanded I put them forth. Let me tell you, I left our session with more confidence, clarity, excitement and happiness then I had when I walked in. Most importantly, my questions were answered. I walked out with a heart far lighter then I had when I entered. It was an adventure that left me feeling refreshed and recharged

5 12/26/2022 7:55:26 PM
Honey Hollywood
December 26, 2022

I've been wanting to get a reading for years but never had the courage to do so! I am so glad my energy was randomly lead to this place and I took the chance! I am BLOWN away! My tarot reading was so intense, enlightening, mind blowing and BEYOND accurate! I am definitely coming back in the future and will be recommending to everyone I know! Athena is incredible and has a true, beautiful and insightful gift!

5 12/26/2022 7:54:25 PM
Carmella R
December 26, 2022

This reading was incredibly impactful. I've never had Tarot done before, but Athena was extremely insightful, and gave me answers to some questions I've been pondering for some time. She said a lot of things that were completely spot on with my life and where I am at. I would recommend her to anyone looking for spiritual clarity!

5 12/26/2022 7:53:27 PM
Annabella H
December 26, 2022

Absolutely recommend seeing her

5 12/26/2022 7:52:56 PM
Lorraine J
December 26, 2022

She is the real deal. She couldn't of possibly known those things if she wasn't. She knew nothing about me but by the reading it's like she was in my head and has known me for awhile. She told me I was a healer and it was something I wondered about myself. Now I know it's what I want to pursue in life. It's what brings me join. If you are struggling to find yourself, need confirmation, reassurance, answers I'd highly recommend Athena

5 12/26/2022 7:52:23 PM
Stephanie M
December 26, 2022

Highly recommend. left feeling validated, connected and grounded. Felt as if my being was being connected to on all levels, felt like my soul was being seen for the first time. Definitely a must see for transformation.

5 12/26/2022 7:50:15 PM
Kelly W
December 26, 2022

Athena is a source of wisdom that will have a lasting impact on my perspective in life.

5 12/26/2022 7:49:39 PM
December 26, 2022

Specific reading. I went more for fun, but I was somewhat hopeful that something may come out of it that was interesting. A week or two later, the events began to unfold that were spoken about. I'm not talking about this in a vague way. Very specific things that she told me actually happened. It was odd, but now I'm going to do another session very soon

5 12/26/2022 7:49:09 PM
Jennifer B
December 26, 2022

Really loved the energy Athena gave off she is very sweet and caring not to mention very accurate she hit the nail on everything and i didn't even give her any info she is real

5 12/26/2022 7:48:31 PM
Shakita G
December 26, 2022

All I have to say is wow wow wow This girl has true gifts she was able to tell me specific names and certain times in my life

5 12/26/2022 7:48:04 PM
Larry Davis
December 26, 2022

This isn't my first time coming to a psychic but it is the first time i was completely and utterly amazed by one she was kind hearted free spirited and not judgmental at all as a gay black man it's hard to open up about things after our reading i was in tears most psychics will ask questions or try to get info beforehand or during she didn't i really enjoyed my experience with Athena. and would recommend her to all my family and friends love you girl!

5 12/26/2022 7:47:38 PM
Harry O’Neill
December 26, 2022

Absolutely without a doubt completely the best psychic I've ever gone to she got exact names and dates this woman is charismatic she's funny she's easy to talk to and I overall had an absolutely amazing time meeting with the Athena I did the full life reading and I would without a doubt recommend her to anybody who is looking to get questions answered I have 100% faith that what Athena told me is going to pass for the future she was able to connect with my past and what's currently going on in my present day so I know I can rely on what she says for the future recommend everybody all friends and family to this woman she is outstanding

5 12/26/2022 7:47:10 PM
Gord B
December 26, 2022

Many of you truth seekers..on the the future of unlimited possibilities are reading these reviews are asking yourself too many questions.. Stuck at some crossroads.. Or just need clarity.. Go talk to Athena

5 12/26/2022 7:45:50 PM
Customer 0178232
December 26, 2022

Glad to say ive found the pieces of me that were blurry became more clear...look forward to living thru my rediscovered truth..

5 12/26/2022 7:43:22 PM
Melissa C
December 26, 2022

Have you ever shared a connection with someone, one so powerful that you could feel more than just their physical presence? Or heard a song for the first time and just and it made your heart open to all kinds of emotions?

5 12/26/2022 7:42:26 PM
Jason Landon
December 26, 2022

You have found Hands down the real deal... No quick tricks or questions about her abilities.. Very thoughtful and can read your energy like a book in My experience

5 12/26/2022 7:41:45 PM
Gabby N
December 26, 2022

Very outstanding tarot card reading. She was very light and bubbly Felt a great connection with her I would recommend. I already told my friends about her and two of them got back to me and told me they had the same experience and that it was amazing really great psychic.

5 12/26/2022 7:40:39 PM
Annie B
December 26, 2022

my family doesn't believe in real psychic readings. neither did I till I met Athena today. I went in to know more about my past. I got a basic reading first and right away she was able to tell me things about myself I couldn't believe she'd be able to uncover. she asked for no information which was already really promising. After that I got a card reading. I found out exactly what I was looking for, but not all the details. It was the perfect amount of explanation. I am so thankful God led me to her today and I can't wait to go see her in the next few months. 110% recommended

5 12/26/2022 7:39:47 PM
Jen collins
December 26, 2022

Crazy good! I went in for my first reading not expecting much but everything was so spot on. Down to the new project I started the night before that I only told my mother and my boyfriend about! NOT EVEN 24 HOURS BEFORE! And everything else going on in my life that I hardly told anyone. Gave me such good advice that really motivated me to work on the stuff I've been hesitant on doing and even calmed some anxiety I had. I'm still shaking from my reading and tried to write down everything she said would happen in the next year to make sure it happens! Would definitely recommend Athena I'm speechless!

5 12/26/2022 7:38:53 PM
Melissa j
December 26, 2022

Beautiful experience from start to finish! I was amazed at how spot on Athena was from the very beginning. She made me feel seen, accepted, and most of all supported. I got emotional only 10 mins in because everything she was saying resonated with me so deeply. I will definitely be going back Thank you for your service Athena

5 12/26/2022 7:38:26 PM
Laura L
December 26, 2022

Athena is amazing. I simply can't stress enough how wonderful and powerful my experience was with her. I have always been a bit of a skeptic but she nailed everything on the head. She really read me like a book. When she pinpointed everywhere that I have been feeling physical pain lately, I was shook. Her other predictions were spot on

5 12/26/2022 7:37:45 PM
Sean J
December 26, 2022

Sean J Athena was very in-tune and spot on with my readings. She was so kind and just flowed so throughly on all I wanted to hear and know. I would absolutely recommend Athena

5 12/26/2022 7:36:56 PM
December 26, 2022

2 months ago I had my first reading and I was a skeptical. But from the very first card I could not believe how spot on she was. It explained a lot about what is going on in my life. I HIGHLY recommend Athena.

5 12/26/2022 7:36:24 PM
December 26, 2022

Thank you so much for giving me clarity and ability to feel and see again I highly recommend Athena for spiritual healing and life balanceing She help me regain consciousness stability and now I know my life‘s purpose

5 12/26/2022 7:34:58 PM
Layla J
December 26, 2022

Athena Was amazing life changing experience for me She help me regain my stability and confidence i'm happy I can look at life again she help me correct me rehabilitated me and put me on my life path thank you for realigning my soul with my mind body and spirit I am so grateful to have such a wonderful experience like this thank you very much and God bless

5 12/26/2022 7:34:34 PM
December 26, 2022

Athena She was very patient and took a lot of time with my sister and I. Most of the things she highlighted in my reading was pretty much confirmation of things that I had already been sensing. So it was very encouraging to know that I was in the right track.

5 12/26/2022 7:33:26 PM
December 26, 2022

Jk Athena She definitely has a gift and is a legit psychic. She was able to tell me all about myself without me even saying a word to her. She covered everything I almost couldn't ask her any questions because she told me everything I could possibly ask. And she was happy to explain anything that I didn't understand.

5 12/26/2022 7:32:53 PM