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I'm an experienced psychic especially in matters of the heart. My Clairvoyant ability allows me to identify issues surrounding personal relationships & romance and help you get to the bottom of situations that can be emotionally tricky. I use my gifts by blending inspiration and life experiences to create well–rounded guidance that concentrates on self–discovery and interpersonal relationships.Also I can use Tarot cards and crystals. As extra steps for confirmation.

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First Time Callers: 3 Free Minutes then the cost is $2.99 per minute.
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Tonya M
January 8, 2023

I am known to be a fairly attractive female. Catching them is not the issue it is keeping them I have been avoiding something serious ever since I became a widow. I want my children to have a father figure in their life so typically I began dating again. It was not easy because I compared every man to my long lost husband. Some men were not too happy about moving in with a woman that has two kids. So it was discouraging in the market to say the least. I made myself available whenever I got a call, that still wasn't good enough. I had some fun, bur nothing serious. So I felt like maybe I should stop looking, even though something inside of me said not to give up. I know that I have a good enough value system so I kept my options open. My sister told me about Christiana I opened up to her like a brand new book. She was attentive and charismatic I felt as though she truly understood and cared about everything I shared with her. We discussed quite a bit and, the main part of our conversation that I  implemented had everything to do with finding males that are relatable. Either they already have children somewhere, they have worked with children or they want children and are not opposed to spend time with you and your children. Donovan and I are going on four years we have one and a half children as of right now. God sent me an angel.

Jeanine Bridgewater
January 8, 2023

Well, I've always been a good down home girl that was green when it came to dating and such. I knew when I had a crush. I wasn't allowed to date, very modest family. I decided in college that I wanted to share my love with someone special and, that is when I met Tyler he was handsome and smart and I chose to let him do the Honors, to my family's dismay I got pregnant at nineteen years old and they insisted that we marry after I had the baby and let my Grandmother take guardianship until I finish school. Well we are still married they are strict Mormons and do not believe in divorce. But at one point we figured that'd be best, I was severely nervous about what my family might have done about that. So, I asked around to my college friends for referrals to counseling and I tried everything until my husband got burnt out and, a short time later I found Christiana, or rather Christiana found me. The best part of a relationship is rekindling one. Especially one so close to traditional family values. I am indebted to her forever.

Kathy Newman
January 8, 2023

got pregnant young and I was a single mother. My baby brought me joy I was alright on my own. There were some chain of events later in life that made my life harder so being a single mother was something I wanted to change. Thinking about my baby's future I started looking for rotating sitters so I could get out in the dating scene. I nearly gave up there was one guy who was persistent, but I saw nothing in him. He won my family over and, I saw even less in him. I talked briefly to Christiana about five times and she gave me a push in whichever direction I wanted to choose, asked if my family values were as important as I claimed, probed me on the character of the guy friend. They convinced me to give him another chance which turned into a series of nights out. I was not at all impressed. Slowly but surely we began to unfold in so many odd ways. Tiny disagreements about little too nothing,  he compromised everything for me. I could do no wrong with him. He was so annoying lol! He grew on me like no one ever before. He proposed on Valentines day! We've been married six years. Kathy Newman

B Johnson
January 8, 2023

I've always been shy and approaching women was never my greatest skill. I am a nice guy and it's been proven that we often finish last. Partly because I'm so stand-offish. My track record in the dating department was lower than I'd like but I always made the effort to pursue them naturally. I don't have the best pick up line's. I am honest and to the point which isn't always interesting. I've been married once before and, I was looking for a wife around this time. It started to look impossible for me but I was persistent by my standards I found out through Christiana I didn't exactly know where to look or even more specifically I was searching as if I did not know what my preferences are to begin with. I met her through a woman I dated for a short time. She seemed trustworthy and concerned. I took her advice and made myself available to the type of women I want, which were the one's I was afraid of before. Go figure. I have been happily married for two years. She wants kids we are working on that as well. Have a nice day.

Jennifer Williams
January 8, 2023

Revealing the skeletons in your closet and, your deepest, darkest secrets are never something anyone should take for granted but privacy is compromised now more than ever so you have to have thick skin. I'm a tough cookie but I have had my share of exposure through social media and it got messy. I lost a worthy relationship because of that and, wanted to reclaim it period. So I looked into many different ways to overcome my embarrassment while trying to help my spouse gain a better understanding of me being a content creator but he objects entirely. I was looking for something that would help me clear things up. I called around, looked online and tried to make sure I wasn't stepping over boundaries with him in the meantime. Christiana was referred to me and I was one of her most unique cases, she told me to try and involve him in the projects so I took her advice and he understands better now, he even enjoys the activities himself. Losing a love over something small is never fun.

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